POLI 387 Environmental Policy

A synthesis of the political, ecological, economic, historical and cultural events and issues shaping U.S. and international environmental policy. A broad range of topics are covered, including environmental history, population growth, the global commons, environmental justice, natural hazards, nuclear growth, the role of business, and regulations governing endangered species and habitats, waste disposal, water and air.




ECON 101 or ECON 102 or (ECON 201 or ECON 210) or (ECON 202 or ECON 205) or BIOL 111 or BIOL 115 or CHEM 107 or CHEM 113 or CHEM 114 or CHEM 115 or GEO 140 or GEO 141 or GEO 142 or GEO 145 or GEO 148 or GEO 149 or GEO 160 or GEO 165 or GEO 180 or PHYS 101 or PHYS 111 or PHYS 121 or PHYS 230


Every other year