HIST 394 Globalization

Analysis of 20th Century and recent history of globalization and its effects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The course will focus on the history of cultural and economic globalization, and its effects on society. In particular, the course will examine changes in the status, condition or rights of women, human rights, the role of international organizations and non-governmental organizations, and the relationship between the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) and economic development in non-Western regions. The course will also examine the recent rise of China as an economic, political and cultural force in the world.




HIST 101 or HIST 102 or HIST 135 or HIST 150 or HIST 151 or HIST 152 or HIST 160 or HIST 161 or HIST 170 or HIST 171 or HIST 222 or HIST 223 or HIST 232 or HIST 233 or HIST 243


Every other year