COMM 387 Screendance I

This course will explore the unique challenges of capturing and creating dance for camera. Through class screenings of film and video work, class exercises, reading and discussion, students will learn about various historical and contemporary issues and approaches in combining dance and the moving image. Students will work alone and in small collaborative groups to create their own works integrating dance and video. At the end of the course, students should be able to articulate meaning in dance on film or video, discuss, analyze, and critique both student projects and professional dance screen works. Through creative projects, students will develop their own visual style and an increased proficiency with digital video cameras and editing. The Department of Theatre and Dance and the Department of Communication will not support technical requests for any of the video projects in the form of studio/performance space, props, costumes, scenery or lighting, or equipment.




COMM 155 and (DANC 111 or DANC 113 or DANC 241)


Every other year