Visual Arts and New Media: Art History - B.A. Degree

Department of Visual Arts and New Media
Office: 217 Rockefeller Arts Center

(716) 673-3537

Dr. Michele Bernatz, Chairperson


Major Requirements


Foundation Program:

ART 100Visual Concepts


ARTH 101Art in Culture from Prehistory to 1400


ARTH 102Art in Culture from 1400 to the Present


ARTH 350Art History Theory and Methods


ARTH 355Writing About Art


Total Credit Hours:15

Art History Electives:

200-Level Art History courses


300 or 400 Level Art History courses


ARTS courses by advisement


ARTH 460Gallery Practicum



ARTH 490Learning Assistant - Art History



ARTH 497Research Practicum in Art History



ARTH 499Internship


Total Credit Hours:27


  • 200-level Art History courses: one course in Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Medieval or Renaissance art, and one course in Modern, Post-modern or Contemporary Art
  • 300-level Art History courses: one course in Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Medieval or Renaissance art, and one course in Modern, Post-modern or Contemporary Art
  • ARTS courses by advisement (3 credits must be upper level)
  • ARTH 460, ARTH 497, and ARTH 499 are variable 1-3 / 1-15 credit hour courses. Students who elect any of these three courses must successfully complete the course with 3 credit hours to satisfy the degree requirements.

Visiting Artist Program:


ART 120Visiting Artists Program


Total Credit Hours:8

NOTE: Eight (8) semesters at 1 credit hour per semester.  The Visiting Artist Program is only required each semester the student is a major within the department.

Foreign Language Requirement:

All Art History majors must reach the Intermediate Level II (or the proficiency equivalent) in at least one foreign language.  The proficiency equivalent is a score of 5 or above on the Foreign Language Placement Exam. Majors interested in pursuing graduate studies in art history should achieve foreign language proficiency in German, French, Spanish, Italian, or whichever language is most appropriate to their primary research interest.

The foreign language requirement is completion of course work through the 216 level (second-semester intermediate). 

If Fredonia does not offer coursework through the 216 level in a student’s selected language, students should work with their advisor to complete the highest level offered at Fredonia and then to identify opportunities for cross-registration.  The language requirement may also be met through:

  • Courses taken during a study-abroad program in a country where that language is spoken;
  • Intermediate-level language courses taken at an approved institution in the U.S., including courses offered online through SUNY Online;
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language (consult with your advisor).

Total Credit Hours:0-12
Total credit hours are variable depending on student’s language proficiency when beginning the program

Total Credit Hours: 50-62

Additional Degree Requirements

All Art History majors (except for double majors) are required to complete a minor or a full-semester study abroad program. Each student selects a minor in consultation with an advisor. Students may minor in Visual Arts and New Media but must complete five (5) studio art courses beyond the two (2) required for the Art History major in order to complete the minor.

All Art History majors who plan to study at the graduate level are strongly advised to complete a Senior Thesis.  This senior-level paper is typically initiated in ARTH 355 Writing about Art and completed in a later ARTH 495 Independent Study.  Students should discuss this option with Art History faculty during the junior year of study.  Senior Thesis topics must meet required guidelines and be approved by art history faculty.

Additional Degree Recommendation:  All Art History majors are also strongly advised to study abroad at some point during their undergraduate career.