Pre-Law Advisement

Office: 232 Fenton Hall

(716) 673-3852

David Kaplin, Pre-Law Advisor

Office:  W375 Thompson Hall

(716) 673-4612

Jesse Norris, Pre-Law Advisor


Pre-Law Advising Program

A liberal arts education offers the ideal preparation for a career in law. The American Bar Association does not recommend a particular major or set of courses to prepare for a legal education; instead, it identifies a series of skills required in law school and later as an attorney ( At Fredonia, students are able to develop the reading comprehension ability, written and oral communication skills, and analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to excel in these environments. In addition, there are many substantive courses dealing with the law and its role in society, politics and business that will grant students greater familiarity with the law and the legal profession.

Mission Statement

To help students take advantage of Fredonia’s curriculum, the Pre-Law Advising Committee at Fredonia works to advise and support students preparing for a career in law and those who plan to attend law school. The committee assists students through course and career advisement and provides guidance on the preparation of a successful law school application, including the organization of test (LSAT and GRE) preparation programs.


The Pre-Law Advising Program at Fredonia assists students interested in attending law school. The Program holds general meetings to introduce all students to process of preparing for law school, as well as offering individual counseling.

Students interested in receiving advisement as to which courses are particularly suited to develop and strengthen the above-listed skills should contact Jesse Norris, in Thompson Hall W375.

Students interested in preparing for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)P or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) should contact David Kaplin, in Fenton Hall 232.

Students interested in receiving advisement and assistance with the process of applying to law school can contact either Dr. Kaplin, or Dr. Norris.