Literacy Education: Birth-Grade 12 - M.S.Ed

Department of Education

Office: E268 Thompson Hall

(716) 673-3701

Dr. Laura Geraci, Chairperson

Abigail Gloss, Program Coordinator


This program leads to a Master of Science in Education: Literacy Education Birth to Grade 12 degree and recommendations for initial certification.  Program completion results in the ability to teach as a reading specialist, a literacy coach, or an informed classroom teacher with a specialization in literacy. The content of the program includes practicum work, research, and opportunities to provide professional development for paraprofessionals and classroom teachers.

The State University of New York at Fredonia does not have the authority to recommend graduating Literacy candidates for a professional certification in the area of their original initial certification, only for Literacy Education (initial and professional). Graduates of the Literacy program who are interested in applying for their professional certification related to their original initial certification area will submit their materials directly to NYSED through the TEACH online system. Please see the following link for further information about this topic:

Requirements for Admission to the Degree Program with Matriculated Acceptance

Submit a completed Graduate Application to the Office of Graduate Studies, including two current (within six months) letters of recommendation that address the applicant's academic and teaching abilities, official academic transcripts from all prior undergraduate and graduate institutions (except Fredonia), evidence of initial teaching certification and evidence of DASA training.

  • Baccalaureate Degree awarded
  • Baccalaureate GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Initial teacher certification* for New York State or equivalent
  • Evidence of completion of DASA* training
  • For non-native speakers of English, the following sub-scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS):
    • TOEFL Reading: 21 or IELTS Reading: 6.5
    • TOEFL Speaking: 18 or IELTS Speaking: 6.0
    • TOEFL Listening: 15 or IELTS Listening: 6.0
    • TOEFL Writing: 21 or IELTS Writing: 6.5

* Applicants may be granted conditional acceptance and will have one semester to meet the conditions.

Program Requirements

Core courses:

EDU 513Literacy in the Content Areas


EDU 552Introduction to Literacy Assessment


EDU 570Using Educational Research to Improve Instruction


EDU 574Multicultural Children's Literature & Technology


EDU 576Practicum in Literacy for All Students


EDU 579Foundations of Literacy


EDU 583Literacy Interventionist Practicum I


EDU 613Literacy Interventionist Practicum II


EDU 623Advanced Literacy Assessment


EDU 628Reading Specialist Practicum


EDU 651Issues and Research in Literacy


EDU 659Master's Thesis/Project in Literacy


Total Credit Hours:32

Additional Program Requirements:

It is the candidate's responsibility to be aware of course prerequisites, the Program Assessment Plan and Transition Point Grid, and the required passing grade of B or higher for EDU 552, EDU 583, EDU 613, EDU 651, and EDU 659, as well as the additional program requirements of:

  • The New York State Content Specialty Test (CST) in Literacy
    • Candidates must pass this CST to become certified in Literacy Education in New York State
  • Specific Program Assessments aligned with the International Literacy Association (ILA) Standards