Department of Theatre and Dance 212 Rockefeller Arts Center

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Dr. Rob Deemer, Chairperson



The members of the Department of Theatre and Dance are collaborative artists, educators and artisans who inspire passion and deep engagement. We foster creative, theoretical, and practical educational opportunities rooted in theatre, dance, design, and technical production, utilizing both live and digital spaces. We are student-centered and approach embodied learning with exploration, ingenuity, equity, and integrity as mindful citizens within our shared communities. To this end, the Department offers five degree programs:

The Department of Theatre and Dance also administers three minor programs to students whose primary academic focus is elsewhere, but who still wish to pursue interests in Theatre or Dance:

The State University of New York at Fredonia is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

Auditions or portfolio reviews are required for admission to all of the Department's Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs, as well as the Minor in Dance. Please visit our Audition Overview page for audition requirements, and our Audition Information page for current application processes and audition dates. The BFA programs are designed for those students who have a clear idea of their professional goals, and who are seeking a focused and immersive training experience.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts program does not require an audition, and is open to all students who are academically accepted to the University. Designed to be a broad-spectrum degree in Theatre Arts, the program offers coursework in many aspects of theatrical theory and practice, including performance, technical production, design, theory, criticism, and history. When combined with the students' choice of a required minor program, or second major, this degree offers students a great deal of flexibility to shape their educational experience to their individual interests.

For more detailed information, please visit the Department's website at www.fredonia/edu/theatredance.