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Listed below are Fredonia's registered degree programs as of July 1, 2023. The program list is consistent with the inventory of registered degree and certificate programs maintained by the New York State Education Department. The chart contains the official approved program title, degree and HEGIS code number. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student's eligibility for certain student aid awards. Fredonia has 80 baccalaureate degree programs, 14 master's degree programs, 4 multi-award degree programs, and 5 advanced certificates.

Undergraduate Programs HEGIS Code Degree
Accounting 0502 B.S.
Acting 1007 B.F.A.
Applied Mathematics 1703 B.S.
Biochemistry 0414 B.S.
Biology 0401 B.S.
Business Administration 0506 B.S.
Business Admin.: Finance 0506 B.S.
Business Admin.: Management 0506 B.S.
Business Admin.: Marketing 0506 B.S.
Chemistry 1905 B.S.
Childhood Education 1-6, 7-9 Extension 0802 B.S.Ed.
Childhood Inclusive Education 1-6, 7-9 Extension 0808 B.S.Ed.
Communication: Audio Production 0603 B.S.
Communication: Communication Studies 0601 B.S.
Communication: Journalism 0602 B.A.
Communication: Media Management 0699 B.S.
Communication: Public Relations 0604 B.S.
Communication: Digital Film Production 0605 B.S.
Communication Disorders and Sciences 1220 B.S.
Computer Information Systems 0702 B.S.
Computer Science 0701 B.S.
Criminal Justice 2105 B.A.
Dance 1008 B.F.A.
Early Childhood Education 0823 B.S.Ed.
Early Childhood-Childhood Education 0802 B.S.Ed.
Earth Science 1917 B.A.
Economics 2204 B.A.
Engineering (Cooperative)    
English 1501 B.A.
Environmental Sciences 0420


Ethnic and Gender Studies  4903 B.A. 
Exercise Science
1299 B.S
French 1102 B.A.
Geology 1914 B.S.
History 2205 B.A.
Industrial Management 0599 B.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies 4901 B.A./B.S.
International Studies  2210 B.A.
Mathematics 1701 B.S.
Mathematics-Physics 1799 B.S.
Medical Laboratory Science 1223 B.S.
Middle Childhood Specialist- Mathematics 0804.03 B.S.
Molecular Genetics 0499 B.S.
Music Industry  0599  B.S. 
Music 1004 B.A.
Music Composition 1004 Mus.B.
Music Education 0832 Mus.B.
Music Performance 1004 Mus.B.
Music Therapy 1099 B.S.
Musical Theatre 1004 B.F.A.
Philosophy 1509 B.A.
Physics 1902 B.S.
Political Science 2207 B.A.
Psychology 2001 B.A./B.S.
Public Accountancy 0502 B.S.
Social Work 2104 B.S.
Sociology 2208 B.A.
Sound Recording Technology 1099 B.S.
Spanish 1105 B.A.
Sport Management 0599 B.S.
Theatre Arts 1007 B.A.
Theatrical Production and Design 1007 B.F.A.
Visual Arts  1002 B.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Animation and Illustration 1009 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Ceramics 1009 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Drawing and Painting 1002 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Graphic Design 1009 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Film & Video Arts 1099 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Photography 1011 B.F.A.
Visual Arts and New Media: Sculpture 1002 B.F.A.
Visual Arts: Art History 1003 B.A.
Writing 1507 B.A.
Teacher Certification Areas in Adolescence Education  HEGIS Code  Degree 
Adolescence Education: Biology 0401.01  B.S.
Adolescence Education: Chemistry 1905.01  B.S.
Adolescence Education: Earth Science 1917.01  B.S.
Adolescence Education: English 1501.01  B.A.
Adolescence Education: French 1102.01 B.A.
Adolescence Education: Mathematics 1701.01 B.S.
Adolescence Education: Physics 1902.01 B.S.
Adolescence Education: Social Studies 2201.01 B.A.
Adolescence Education: Spanish 1105.01 B.A.
Middle Childhood Specialist-Mathematics 0804.03 B.S.
Graduate Programs HEGIS Code Degree
Biology 0401 M.S.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2104 M.S.
Curriculum & Instruction in Inclusive Education 0829 M.S.Ed.
Interdisciplinary Studies 4901 M.A./M.S.
Language and Learning  0899  M.A. 
Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 12) 0830 M.S.Ed.
Literacy Education (Grades 5-12) 0830 M.S.Ed.
Mathematics 7-12 1701.01 M.S.Ed
Music Education K-12 0832 M.M.
Music Education Studies 0832 M.M.
Music Performance 1004 M.M.
Music Composition 1004.10 M.M.
Music Therapy 1099 M.M.
Speech-Language Pathology 1220 M.S.
TESOL 1508 M.S.Ed.
Certificates of Advanced Study HEGIS Code Degree
Bilingual Education 0899.60 ADV CRT
Educational Leadership 0828 ADV CRT
Child Advocacy Studies 2101  ADV CRT
Cybersecurity 0701.00 ADV CRT
Multi-Award Programs HEGIS Code Degree
Adolescence Education:  English Multi-Award  1501.01 B.A./M.A
Biology 0401 B.S./M.S.
Childhood Inclusive Education & Literacy Education: B-12 0808/0830 B.S.Ed./M.S.Ed.
Music Education Multi-Award 0832 Mus.B./M.M.