Registered Graduate Degree Programs

Fredonia's registered graduate degree programs are listed on the following chart, consistent with the inventory of registered degree and certificate programs maintained by the New York State Education Department. The chart contains the official approved program titles, degrees, and HEGIS code numbers. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student's eligibility for certain student aid awards.

Graduate Programs HEGIS Code Degree
Biology 0401 M.S.
Curriculum & Instruction in Inclusive Education 0829 M.S. Ed.
Interdisciplinary Studies 4901 M.A./M.S.
Language and Learning 0899 M.A.
Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 12) 0830 M.S. Ed.
Literacy Education (Grades 5-12) 0830 M.S. Ed.
Mathematics 7-12 1701.01 M.S. Ed
Music Education K-12 0832 M.M.
Music Education Studies 0832 M.M.
Music Education (Multi-Award) 0832 M.M.
Music Performance 1004 M.M.
Music Theory-Composition 1004.10 M.M.
Music Therapy 1099 M.M.
Speech Language Pathology 1220 M.S.
TESOL 1508 M.S.Ed.
Bilingual Education 0899.60 Adv. Cert.
Educational Leadership 0828 Adv. Cert.
TESOL 1508 Adv. Cert.