Withdrawal from Program

The university reserves the right to require any student who does not maintain minimum academic standards, or who is not in good academic standing, to withdraw. Graduate students who find it necessary to leave the university before the end of a semester must officially withdraw from Fredonia through the Graduate Studies Office using the form available in the forms section of the Graduate Studies website.

Students may withdraw for any reason up to a period of three weeks prior to the end of the semester. Students will be permitted to withdraw during the final three weeks of the semester only due to illness or other appropriate reasons as determined by the Office of Student Affairs. Failure to follow the required procedure may prejudice the right to an honorable dismissal and jeopardize any refunds. As a rule, all students should check with the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawing from the University. Those enrolled in any federal veterans' benefits program must also notify the Veterans Affairs Office of their withdrawal.

Students who withdraw during a semester may be eligible for certain refunds. For more information, students should contact the Student Accounts office at (716) 673-3236 or email business@fredonia.edu.