Mission Statement of General Education Program

Fredonia Foundations, the General Education program offered at SUNY Fredonia, provides courses that develop our students' capacity to become skilled, creative, responsible, and connected global citizens.

By exploring critical ways of knowing, practicing essential skills, and augmenting core competencies, you will accumulate a rich storehouse of perspectives on—and assemble your own toolkit of approaches to—understanding, analyzing, contextualizing, and solving the problems of today and tomorrow.  Fredonia Foundations will provide you with an intellectual foundation for making reasoned judgments outside and inside your academic field.  Our coursework will prepare you to meet the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century.  With the content knowledge and skills you learn in Fredonia Foundations, you will be prepared to shape communities, polities, societies, and economies in and beyond Fredonia as a lifelong learner engaged in leadership and service.

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