SPMG 440 Data Analytics for Sport Management

The course explores decision-making methods and software to measure performance and gain advantage in the competitive sports arena. It aims at developing analytical skills from practical points of view useful in sport management. Topics include data and data management; decision making approaches; metrics; regression, decision trees, time series; simulation; performance measurement and prediction; and team and players ratings. These topics will be explored using data analytic software for data visualization, statistical functions, data storage in various formats, and data interfaces. The theoretical knowledge will allow sport professionals to solve typical sport management problems such as predicting team performance; creating winning strategies; player analysis; player or team ranking and others. The classes will be a mix of lectures, practical data exploration, and software use.




(STAT 200 or ECON 200 or BUAD 200 or POLI 200 or SOC 200 or PSY 200) and (CSIT 104 or CSIT 151)


Every year