SPMG 300 Sport Law and Risk Management

The structure of the legal system, introduces the case study method, aspects of constitutional law, labor and anti-trust law, tort law, product liability, contract law, administrative and statutory law applicable to the sport industry. The course also covers establishing a risk management system for facilities and sports programs.



SPMG 211 or PHED 211

SPMG 305 Economics of Sport

Course covers the principles of macro and micro economics related to the sport industry on a regional and national level, supply and demand, growth of the sport industry, venues and events, economic impact of facilities manufacture and television on intercollegiate and professional sport.



(ECON 201 or ECON 210) and (ECON 202 or ECON 205)

SPMG 321 Theory and Techniques of Coaching

A course designed to introduce the prospective coach to the basic skills, strategies and coaching techniques required in organizing a particular sport. While the course is one of several courses designed to meet state mandates for interscholastic coaching, the student is expected to have completed all other courses in the mandate before enrolling in SPMG 321 or attain the permission of the instructor.


SPMG 330 Leadership and Management in Sport

The course investigates the important aspects of leadership theory, management practices and human resource allocation for sports management. The course follows the guidelines of the North American Association for Sports Management. The guidelines mandate that students learn to define the elements of leadership theory and describe the various skills, roles and functions of sport managers as they relate to managerial responsibilities. Students will learn about the role of leadership, management and resource allocation for sport operations.



SPMG 210 or PHED 210

SPMG 380 Social Media Enterprise in Sport

This course is designed as an evaluation of social media platforms from a sport organizational perspective. It examines social media history, users, user motivations, and social/psychological impacts. It also looks toward the future of this rapidly evolving group of communications platforms. The students will be exposed to a combination of the hands-on approach of exploring social media to disseminate messages that sport organizations use for business purposes with the theoretical background needed to best understand and use social media. In addition, students will learn and apply several strategies intended to maximize social media effectiveness that are current to the sport industry.



SPMG 210

SPMG 398 Pre-Internship

The course is a prerequisite to PHED 400 Internship. The intent of the pre-internship is to increase a student's awareness of the critical aspects of preparing for an internship. The experiences are designed to give students an opportunity to begin career exploration, develop skills to make contacts in the Sport Management and Exercise Science profession, and apply what they learn to real world situations.


SPMG 399 Special Topics in Sport Management

Variable-content course; topic announced in the online Course Offerings each semester.