RUSS - Russian

RUSS 100 Introduction to Russian

Students will be introduced to the language, familiarized with its basic vocabulary and grammar, and prepared to communicate at an elementary level. They will also be introduced to the distinctive features of the cultures where the language is spoken. The course is for students with none or very little background in the language.


RUSS 110 Essential Russian

Students develop essential communicative skills and cultural awareness necessary in order to interact with people from that culture, whether it is in their home country or in the United States. In order to take this course, students must have scored a level 2 or 3 in the approved placement test or have taken the introductory course RUSS 100 at Fredonia.



RUSS 100 or RUSS 115

RUSS 115 Elementary Russian I

Designed for students with no previous preparation. Study of fundamental speech patterns in Russian. Initial emphasis on developing listening comprehension, speaking skills, including pronunciation, with progressive emphasis on reading and writing skills.


RUSS 116 Elementary Russian II

Continuation of RUSS 115. Further introduction to fundamental speech patterns. For students with one semester of college level Russian or equivalent. Stress on listening comprehension, oral ability, reading, and writing skills.



RUSS 115