LEAD - Leadership Studies

LEAD 101 Intro to Leadership Seminar

An introductory course in the study of leadership that will introduce the student to the tasks, strategies and skills of effective leadership. This course covers introductory theories of leadership, personal assessment, and offers opportunities to develop individual self-discovery and group leadership experience through experiential education. (Note: Students must be nominated by a SUNY Fredonia faculty or staff member, apply and be accepted prior to registration


LEAD 201 Advanced Leadership Development

A course in the study of leadership that introduces the student to tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Course activities will move the student from theory to the practical processes of leadership through the use of experiential learning, oral expression, and effective teamwork on several projects.


LEAD 302 Exploring Leadership and Ethics

Through this course students will gain a broad understanding of historical and current theories of leadership and management and the shift from the dominant paradigm to the emergent paradigm. Students will also explore how normative ethics affects their leadership philosophy and decision making. As a way to recognize their leadership strengths, students will participate in several instruments that will assist them in defining their leadership strength and style.


LEAD 490 Internship in Leadership

Open only to Leadership Studies minors. Students proposing internships must have an approved Leadership Studies proposal which includes the internship. Additionally, they must have a faculty sponsor and a detailed plan for the internship describing; (1) the duties approved by the interning agency; (2) the student's method of reporting or reflecting on the internship experience; (3) the method of internship evaluation; and (4) the amount of credit earned.



LEAD 201 or SPST 201