LART - Liberal Arts

LART 150 Liberal Arts Freshman Seminar

As part of The Liberal Arts Freshman Year Experience, entering freshmen who are still exploring for a major are required to choose from an interesting variety of topical, 1 credit seminars. Taught by faculty and professional staff members, each seminar enrolls no more than 20 students and is graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. In addition to the seminar, all Liberal Arts freshmen must attend one group meeting as part of the course requirement.


LART 151 Liberal Arts Freshmen Explore for Major

Second-semester Liberal Arts freshmen who have not yet chosen a major are required to attend 15 of 17 class meetings offered during the first-half of the spring semester. This part of The Liberal Arts Freshman Year Experience provides students with a survey of the variety of major offerings. Presentations are made by faculty, chairpersons, students and deans from departments and divisions across campus. In addition to answering any questions students may have, the discussions explain the requirements for each discipline as well as the career paths students have taken with these majors, whether or not graduate school is indicated, what remuneration can be expected and more. Grading is done on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis determined by attendance.