INTL - International Studies

INTL 101 Introduction to International Studies

Required for all International Studies majors and minors. An introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the global society, its historical development and contemporary status. The course explores a variety of global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective - politics, history, economics, sociology, anthropology and the arts. The study of research methods to analyze global issues is another component of this course.


INTL 302 Russia after Stalin

A thematic approach to recent Russian history. The course identifies Russia's most critical immediate problems and places them in their historical context. Major themes include: political structures and practices; the economy; the military; domestic security; international relations; minorities; culture and society.



HIST 102 and HIST 116

INTL 303 Globalization in Latin America

Examines the complexities and nuances of modern Latin American societies having as a background the dynamics of the global economy. The course analyzes politics, culture, and socioeconomic conditions in Latin America, both from a contemporary policy perspective and with an examination of the region's insertion into the international political economy in the 19th century.


INTL 305 Transitions in Central Europe

Examines the history, geography, culture, and politics of countries in Central Europe, more specifically, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Particular emphasis is placed on contemporary political and economic developments evolving from the transition from communism to democracy and capitalism. It is designed for students with no knowledge of Slavic languages.


INTL 400 Special Topics

Course content varies based on student and faculty interest.


INTL 401 Intl Studies Senior Project

A graduation requirement for all International Studies majors A scholarly project utilizing methods and concepts drawn from the Social Sciences and the Humanities and applied to current issues in International Studies. With a focus on the existing literature on global issues - such as war and peace, ethnic conflict, the global economy and international migration - among others - students will develop their own research project. In the classroom, under the instructor's guidance, participants will join workshops towards the completion of the project on the selected topic.


INTL 500 Overseas Graduate Study - Special Topics

The course provides students with an international experience studying the culture, language, history and politics of foreign countries. Course subject varies based on student and faculty interest. Students are expected to conduct an in-depth exploration of selected topics.