HLTH - Health Education

HLTH 115 First Aid Skills and Knowledge

Prepares student, through knowledge and skills, to meet the needs of most emergency situations when first aid care is required and medical attention is not readily available. Personal safety and accident-prevention information incorporated to acquaint individuals with causes of many accidents, so that action may be taken to eliminate or minimize such causes. The course meets the coaching first aid requirements of the New York State Coaching Mandate.


HLTH 215 Personal and Community Health

To develop positive attitudes toward health and optimum living and to influence formation of good habits affecting one's physical, mental, and social well being. Emphasis will be on proper health behavior as it relates to the disease process. Brief consideration is given to the role of health agencies in assessing community health needs and coordinating activities to meet these needs.


HLTH 217 Fitness & Wellness for Life: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

This course examines the multiple dimensions of fitness, health, and wellness as they relate to individuals and society. Students will develop an understanding of current trends and practices as they relate to topics such as stress management, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, and disease prevention. Emphasis will be given to four components of wellness: physical, emotional, social, and psychological. Students will apply this knowledge to become educated health care consumers, advocates, and responsible decision makers. Students will develop personal and community action plans for enhancing health and well-being.


HLTH 220 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching

The course will fulfill the NYSED Health Sciences Applied to Coaching requirement for certification as a coach in New York State. The components for certification include a basic knowledge of health sciences, including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, human growth and development and maturation, risk minimization, sport-specific fitness and conditioning, and coaching psychology.


HLTH 221 Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education

The course will fulfill the NYSED Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education requirement for certification as a coach in New York State. The components for certification include a basic knowledge of coaching philosophy, and principles and organization of associations and leagues. Child maltreatment and abuse are also covered in the course.


HLTH 300 Education in Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco

Knowledge and methods to deal with the problems of use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in elementary and secondary schools. Meets requirement for Education Law, Section 804, 804a, and 805. Limited to Education majors only.


HLTH 302 Stress Management

Identifies the mechanisms that generate the human stress response and their physical and psychological effects on the body and mind. The course also introduces the student to developing personal strategies for effective stress management.


HLTH 303 Fitness and Wellness

This course will explore the development of knowledge and skills necessary to become personally responsible for fitness and wellness. Investigations will include fitness assessment, exercise prescription, preventative health care, eating disorders, weight management, nutrition, smoking cessation and stress management.


HLTH 321 Theory & Techniques of Coaching

A course designed to introduce the prospective coach to the basic skills, strategies and coaching techniques required in organizing a particular sport. While the course is one of several courses designed to meet state mandates for interscholastic coaching, the student is expected to have completed all other courses in the mandate before enrolling in HLTH 321 or attain the permission of the instructor.


HLTH 343 Drugs and Behavior

The course provides students with a basic understanding of the effects of legal and illegal drugs on physiological and psychological functioning, and how drugs influence personal and social behavior.


HLTH 386 Wellness and Health Promotion

The course emphasizes wellness as a positive approach to health promotion. The course explores ways of establishing effective health strategies that affect the physical, emotional and social self, use the mind constructively, channel stress energies positively, express emotions effectively, and enable the individual to interact with others.


HLTH 400 Internship

Work under supervision in a community setting. Students are expected to complete 67 clock hours of direct service to individuals, groups, or organizations for each credit hour awarded. The internship will emphasize theory, knowledge and skills needed when working with and within groups and organizations. A Learning Contract encompassing job requirements, learning objectives and methods will be utilized to evaluate the intern.


HLTH 499 Independent Study

The study of a particular topic related to health and wellness. Periodic meetings with an appropriate instructor will be scheduled. The topic may encompass individual research or a practical experience.


HLTH 500 Wellness and Health Promotion for the Elderly

The course explores wellness and health promotion the human lifespan. Emphasis will be placed on prevention, behavior modification and services available to the individual as they age.


HLTH 502 Stress Management

The course deals with the physiological, psychological aspects of stress as it affects individual performance and people within the workplace and educational environments. Stress causes, effects, and management strategies will be introduced in this course.