GEO 201 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology of North America

Over 14,000 years, Indigenous Native American cultures of North America successfully adapted to a variety of environmental settings and changing climates. To fully explore this history, this course adopts an Environmental Archaeology approach which examines various aspects of human-environment interaction through time. Different evidential sources from archaeology/anthropology, paleoenvironmental studies, geology, and ecology, are presented. This course also explores modern archaeological issues such as the role of stakeholders, ethical dilemmas, advocacy, among several others.


GEO 210 Earth History

Since its formation 4.5 billion years ago, our dynamic planet has undergone enormous changes. It has survived a multitude of volcanic eruptions, ice ages and mass extinctions. Learn about the physical history of the earth and the evolution of life on our dynamic planet from its early formation through the present.



GEO 165

GEO 211 Earth History Lab

This is a laboratory to accompany Geology 210. The laboratory provides practical experience in studying sedimentary rocks to interpret depositional processes and ancient environments, constructing stratigraphic sections, examining fossils and their use in age determinations, correlating rock units, interpreting geologic history from maps, and examining the regional geology of North America. These skills, introduced in the Geo 211 lab, are required in numerous upper-level courses including Field Geology. Three hours of laboratory per week are scheduled.



GEO 210

GEO 215 Earth Materials

The course will cover theory, geological occurrence, and identification of the common earth materials, which includes subjects on minerals, rocks, and natural resources (e.g. fossil fuels and gemstones). Lecture and lab along with a field trip to an adjacent area. Laboratory assignments contain a brief introduction to the petrographic microscope and thin section identification, but mostly emphasize hand specimen identification. Students are required to write a paper on some aspect related to earth materials.



GEO 165* and CHEM 115

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