DANC 264 Choreography I

In this course, students are introduced to the basic elements of the craft of choreography: space, time, effort/force and motivation. These are concepts that can be applied to any genre of dance when choreographing. Movement invention will be approached through improvisation, movement studies, readings, performance viewings, video viewings and written assignments. An emphasis will be placed upon discovering your own unique expressive movement vocabulary and deepening your powers of observation of self, others and the world around you. Dancers will learn how to investigate movement, probe and manipulate movement materials, and give and receive peer feedback. Concepts will be explored as soloists. In preparing for a final composition showing, dancers will investigate issues that are important and use their findings to create a final work, a solo, either set on themselves or someone else. Dancers will leave this class with different methods of how to generate movement for themselves, and how to describe their movement using language to others.




DANC 111 or DANC 112or DANC 113


Every Fall semester