DANC 113 Jazz Dance I

This course examines which elements of jazz dance situate it outside the paradigms of ballet and modern/contemporary's value systems of form, function, musicality, and technique, and examines how African and Black Diasporic roots of jazz dance make it a distinct form, worthy of study without being qualified from a colonist perspective. The class will develop the dance student's understanding of these entry points at the 100 through movement and academic study. Class covers the fundamental elements of the Africanist and Black Diasporic roots and movement aesthetics of multiple jazz dance styles. Coursework will also incorporate the theory and pedagogy of Jazz Dance through readings, written assignments, and in-class and online discussions. All coursework is designed to improve a dance student's jazz technique, movement skills, understanding of musicality, theory, and history through participation and academic study, and the application of movement principles essential to the training to make a professional dancer.




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