International Studies Minor

Politics and International Affairs
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Ivani Vassoler, Coordinator



Minor Requirements

Some courses require prerequisites.  Click on any hyperlinked course for additional information. 

Core Requirements:

Core requirements are intended to introduce students to international studies from the perspective of history, politics, and culture.

INTL 101Introduction to International Studies


HIST 150Global Pasts


POLI 150World Affairs


SOC 116Introductory Sociology


Total Credit Hours:12

Upper Level Requirement:

Three courses at the 300 or higher level.

Total Credit Hours:9


  • All three courses must come from the same International Studies Specialization as defined in the University Catalog (the specialization tracks are: International Relations and Global Cultural Studies).

Foreign Language Requirement:

The foreign language requirement is completion of course work through the 216 level (second-semester intermediate) and may be completed via any of the following options:

  • Fredonia Placement Exam determination of Fredonia Foundations courses 100 and 110 in the same World Language or course 110 (or higher) in World Language, followed by the 215 and 216 sequence (French or Spanish only)
  • Proficiency may also be fulfilled by qualifying AP, IB, CLEP Exam scores or transferred courses of Elem I and Elem II of same language, as verified by Registrar’s Office.
  • With courses taken during a study-abroad program in a country where that language is spoken;
  • With intermediate-level language courses taken at an approved institution in the U.S., including courses offered online through the SUNY Learning Network;
  • Students with demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language must take a minimum of one course (3 credit hours) at the college level. Students may complete this requirement at Fredonia, in a program at an approved institution in the U.S., or in a foreign country.
  • Additional foreign language coursework at the 300- and 400-levels is strongly recommended.
Total Credit Hours:3

International Experience:

All International Studies minors must complete a 3-credit "international experience," which can be fulfilled via enrollment in a short-term or long-term study-abroad program or the completion of an internship with an international agency.

Total Credit Hours:3

Total Credit Hours: 27