Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

This section presents an estimate of the cost of attending Fredonia for one year. University charges (tuition, fees, room rent, board) are paid on a semester basis, at one-half of the rates listed below. The semester charges must be paid on or before the registration date for each semester. Students will receive up-to-date information concerning charges and payment procedures several weeks prior to the registration date.

All charges are subject to change.

Annual University Charges Applicable to all Students

Estimated expenses per year for a full-time (12 or more credit hours) undergraduate:

* Undergraduate Tuition

In-State $ 7,070.00
Out-of-State $17,490.00
College Fee $ 50.00
Student Services and Programs Charge $1,651.00

New students who have paid a $50 Advance Admission Deposit will have this amount deducted from the tuition charge for their initial semester at Fredonia.

All rates and fees are subject to change. Individuals should view the Student Accounts web page for the current university charges at fa.fredonia.edu/studentaccounts.

Full-time rates do not apply for summer or J-Term semesters; tuition is calculated at the part-time per credit hour rate.

Estimated Additional Costs

Books, supplies, personal and transportation expenses $2,500 - $3,000

Additional Charges for Residents in Residence Halls

Housing  $8,200 - $10,100
Food $5,500 - $6,990

Student Services and Programs Charge

The Student Services and Programs Charge combines all university fees for student services, programs and activities in one composite amount for all students. As a result, there are no general university fees and no additional mandatory fees once a student arrives on campus (although some departments may assess individual departmental fees). The Student Services and Programs Charge includes support for the following programs and activities:

Advanced Technologies for Classroom Use

Alumni Affairs

Blue Devil Fitness Center

Campus Community Bus

Campus Internet Access

Campus Microcomputer Labs and Support

Campus Fine Arts

Fredonia Ticket Office (Student Discounts)

Counseling Center

Coupons for Discounts at Area Merchants

Family Weekend Events

Intercollegiate Athletic Sports Program

Intramural and Recreational Program

Legal Services

Homecoming Weekend Events

On-Campus Student Employment

On-site Medical Care

Health Education Programs

Medical Laboratory Work

Over-the-Counter Medications

Prescription Medications

Wellness Checkup

Parking Services

Parking Shuttle Service

Student Engagement

Student Government

Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Scholarships

University Special Events

University Transcripts

Upper Class Buddy Program

Van Service to Hospital/Clinic

The Student Services and Programs Charge waiver policy (Policy 003) can be found at fa.fredonia.edu/policy.


The standard rate when two students are assigned to a room is $4,100 per semester. Single rooms are available in limited quantities. Kitchen suites, single and double rooms in University Commons and the University Village Townhouses are available at an increased cost.  Inquiries as to charges and accommodations should be addressed to the Office of Residence Life, Gregory Hall. (Figures reflect 2023-2024 rates.)

The $50 Advance Room Deposit necessary to secure housing will be deducted from the room charge upon payment of charges. The rates indicated above are subject to change on a yearly basis. Information about the Office of Residence Life may be found on the website https://www.fredonia.edu/student-life/residence-life, calling (716) 673-3341 or email residence.life@fredonia.edu.


University policy requires all on-campus residents to select from a variety of full board plans if they are residing in non-kitchen suite residence halls. Seniors and residents of Disney and Eisenhower kitchen suites, University Village Townhouses and commuter students are not required to maintain a meal plan, however, they may choose any plan. Also, resident freshmen are required to maintain Meal Plan 1 for their first semester and may change plans for future semesters.

Meal plans are not active during recess or break periods in excess of four days such as Thanksgiving week, winter recess, spring break, and summer recess.

The FSA offers a combination of declining balance (points) and traditional meal plans to suit the needs of each student. The costs for meal plans are priced per semester and are subject to change annually. Commuter point meal plan options are available for off-campus students.

Unused points from the fall semester may be rolled over to the spring semester adhering to the university policy. However, students must select a meal plan for the spring semester in order to receive the rollover. No refund of unused points will be given if the student does not return for the spring semester. Unused points do not roll over to the following fall semester.

Specific information concerning pricing and descriptions of each plan may be obtained by contacting the FSA office in Gregory Hall or calling (716) 680-6228, or by logging onto the FSA web page at www.fsa.fredonia.edu or email fsa.office@fredonia.edu.

Miscellaneous Fees, Fines or Deposits

All of the major university expenses have been outlined. However, individual courses may require payment of a fee that will be reflected on the student’s semester eBill. Students should consult the online Course Schedule for specific courses and charges. Students majoring in Arts in Music (which includes 5 tracks - Performance, Entrepreneurship, Jazz, Music History & Literature and Music & Technology), Music Performance, Music Education, Music Composition, Sound Recording Technology, Music Therapy, Music Applied, Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, Music Education Masters in Five, Master of Music in Music Education, Master of Music in Music Education Studies, Master of Music in Education, Master of Music in Performance, Master of Music in Performance - Collaborative Piano, Master of Music in Theory/Composition and Master of Music in Music Therapy are assessed a $250 Music Fee each semester.

In addition, the State University authorizes charges for such items as returned checks ($20), late registration ($40), first-year orientation ($150), transfer orientation ($80), late payment/administrative (up to $50), and drop/add fees ($20). Fines are authorized for parking violations, the late return or loss of library materials, and failure to return physical education or infirmary equipment. All fees are subject to change.