When Will I Hear About My Financial Aid?

  1. For the 2023-2024 aid year, students will receive an email in December notifying them that their aid is now available in Your Connection to view. The Financial Aid Award Letter in December will list all federal, state, and institutional aid that the applicant is eligible to receive.  
  2. If you have been awarded a Federal Work Study position, the TEACH Grant, and/or a Federal Direct Stafford Loan, you must go to http://www.fredonia.edu and log in to YOUR CONNECTION to accept, decline or accept partial amounts of these awards. Federal Work Study must be accepted by July 31 or the award will be canceled and offered to another student. Refer to our website for instructions.
  3. To move federal awards to an authorized status for billing purposes, applicants may be required to go through the federally mandated verification process. If requested, federal tax information and W-2 forms (if applicable) for the student and parents, as well as a verification worksheet, must be submitted. This information is needed in order to verify the accuracy of the data reported on the original FAFSA application (see below).
  4. Throughout the summer the Financial Aid Office processes student aid paperwork with the intention of making aid authorized for credit on the university bill by mid-July. Students must submit paperwork on a timely (as early as possible) basis in order to ensure that this occurs.