Prior Credit and Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination: The University welcomes the opportunity to allows students to complete graduation requirements at an accelerated rate by submitting the results of proficiency examinations for credit evaluation. Students may not earn duplicate credit for both a college course and a proficiency exam for the same subject area. For example, students cannot earn credit for US history by taking both the AP US History Exam and a college course in US History. The following website includes all credit by examination that are acceptable: Entering with Advanced Credit.

Advanced Placement: Students must submit the results of your Advanced Placement Examinations to the Office of Admissions. If you achieve a score of three, four, or five may result in placement and/or credit in some programs. These examinations fulfill many requirements in the Fredonia Foundations General Education Program.

College-Level Examination Program: CLEP General Examinations substitute for some of the Fredonia Foundations requirements. Subject Examinations substitute for specific course requirements. To determine which examinations are acceptable for credit, students must check with the Registrar’s Office before scheduling one of the tests. We accept most, but not all, examinations for credit toward graduation. Students must score at the fiftieth percentile in order to receive credit; some exams require a higher score.  Students who have earned more than 60 college credits may earn credit for CLEP Subject Exams but not General Exams.

College Coursework Completed in High School: A number of first year applicants seek transfer credit for college courses successfully completed while enrolled in high school. Students must submit an official transcript from the college awarding credit to the Registrar’s Office. While credit hours may be awarded toward graduation, grades do not transfer to Fredonia and are not calculated into the Fredonia grade point average.

Military Service Experience:  Credit for military service experience and education is evaluated on an individual basis according to the guidelines established by the American Council on Education. Students must forward official military (AARTS/SMART) transcripts and DD-214s to the Office of Admissions for evaluation.

International Baccalaureate Exams: College credit will be given for Higher Level (HL) exam scores of five or higher. In addition, some academic programs may offer university credit for an HL exam score of four. Students who have earned an IB Diploma may be awarded a maximum of 30 credits.  

Cambridge International Exams:  Students who have earned a C or higher on the Advanced Subsidiary Exams (AS Level) and/or the Advanced Level Exams (A Level) may earn college credit. Students will need to submit official test results from Cambridge International to the Registrar’s Office to earn transfer credit.