Graduate Financial Aid

Financial aid information can be obtained by visiting the office's website at Application is made for federal aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA - use Code 002844) at

Enrollment Status

It is important to know how your enrollment status is evaluated in terms of financial aid eligibility. Note the bulleted items below:

  • Graduate students must be enrolled 12 credit hours to be considered full-time for financial aid and billing purposes.  If they are not enrolled full-time, they may only be eligible for a portion of their federal aid awarded to them.  Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits to  be eligible to receive a DIRECT Unsubsidized Loan.  
  • For graduate assistants: 6 credit hours per semester is the minimum amount of credit hours required to be considered full-time for the receipt of federal aid with the exception of the federal TEACH Grant. The federal TEACH Grant award is based on actual enrolled credit hours per semester and is adjusted accordingly.
  • For Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purposes: 9 credit hours is the minimum amount of credit hours in order to satisfy Department of Homeland Security immigration requirements.

You should notify the Financial Aid Office in writing if you will be enrolled less than full-time so that your aid can be adjusted. Also, as a rule, students should always check with the Financial Aid office when considering a withdrawal from courses or the university.