Student Identity Verification in Online and Distance Education Courses

Online classes at Fredonia are offered through the campus-supported Learning Management System (LMS). Students are required to log in to the system using their campus-assigned student eServices User I.D. account. The  student's eServices User I.D. is provided to the student upon applying to the institution. The student is required to set up their eServices password using the University Password Administration Self-Service application.  This set-up process includes identity proofing the student based on verified data within the institutions Student Information System (SIS) and the creation of security questions for future password management.  When the institution receives the student’s paid admissions deposit the student’s eServices account is provisioned access to Fredonia LMS. Enrollment information is transferred from the (SIS) to the LMS to ensure that students have access to all (and only those) courses for which they are enrolled.

Student Identity Verification

Access to the LMS is controlled by the student’s eServices user I. D./password, and official communication with the student is through a campus-assigned email account. The student’s eServices User I.D. account credentials are retrieved through the Student Information System Self-Service Portal (Your Connection). This interface provides Fredonia students initial access to user-specific information, including User I.D. and password information for use of electronic resources and computing facilities at Fredonia. The login credentials to Your Connection utilize the student’s Fredonia I.D. (FID) as the UserID and an assigned PIN for the initial PIN. The student is forced to change the PIN immediately upon logging in for the first time. Students must provide ID when requesting password resets at the ITS Help Desk (or answer a series of challenge questions when making the request by phone). All accounts are generated by Fredonia – students do not self-enroll in any online-access accounts.

Protection of Student Privacy

All processes related to the verification of student identity for online course access are automated, protected by campus information security and privacy policies and procedures, and in compliance with FERPA regulations. Such information security provisions include secure authentications and connections to electronic resources, password integrity guidelines, password complexity and length requirements, self service password resets, required account security questions, and various levels of encryption.

Charges Associated with Identity Verification

There are no charges to students associated with identity verification.

Responsibility for Identity Verification

Information Technology Services is responsible for the consistent application of the automated electronic processes related to student identity verification for online courses.

Student Responsibility for Safeguarding Credentials

Students are responsible for safeguarding their student accounts and for all activity associated with those accounts. Sharing of login credentials with the intention of anyone other than the registered student completing course work is considered a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy and Computer and Network Usage Policy.