Chosen Names

The State University of New York at Fredonia (Fredonia) recognizes that many persons identify themselves using a name that is different from their legal name. Fredonia will refer to this name as the “Chosen Name” and will use it when possible in the course of university activities.

Your legal name will still be accessible to university personnel when it is necessary to carryout the duties of the institution.

Whenever possible, an F# should be collected. If names conflict, check the F# to confirm an individual’s identity.

Any participant in the Chosen Name program who directs an outside agency to correspond with the State University of New York at Fredonia bears the responsibility for clarifying their name with all agencies.

Your Chosen Name will appear in the following areas:

  • Student Health Center
  • Counseling Center
  • ID card (FREDCard)
  • Class rosters
  • Learning management system (OnCourse)
  • Student, faculty, staff portal (Your Connection)
  • Student Information System
  • Email address
  • Advising folders
  • Campus Directory
  • Residence Life Directory
  • Commencement programs
  • Diploma
  • Library
  • Athletics

Your legal first name will continue to appear in the following areas:

  • Transcripts
  • Paychecks and pay stubs
  • Financial Aid records
  • Tax Documents
  • Human Resources records
  • Any off campus communications (such as any letters sent to a permanent address, communication with emergency personnel, licensing boards)

Adopting a Chosen Name

Any person with an F# can request to use a chosen name.

Students, faculty and staff may make no more than two requests to change their Chosen Name within a 365-day period.

Students, faculty, and staff who would like to enroll should contact

Although an individual may select any Chosen Name, the university reserves the right to deny or remove a Chosen Name if it is inappropriate or used for an improper purpose. Inappropriate Chosen Names include but are not limited to those that avoid legal obligation, misrepresent, harass, threaten, or are otherwise objectionable. In most cases, a Chosen Name should not be a message, company, or group name, especially if it is for promotional purposes. Individuals with a Chosen Name deemed inappropriate can either select a different Chosen Name or continue to use the legal name.

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Obtaining a New Fredonia ID Card

Students, faculty and staff who adopt a Chosen Name must obtain a replacement ID card within two weeks of the change.

While students, faculty and staff may change their Chosen Name more than once, they are entitled to only one free replacement card. The individual is responsible for any replacement card charges associated with subsequent changes.