Academic Organization of the Campus

All of the undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, and advanced certificate programs registered with the State University of New York and New York State Education Department fall under one or more of the areas listed below.

Division of Academic Affairs

Dr. David A. Starrett, Executive Vice President and Provost 

801 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3335

Dr. Judith Horowitz, Vice Provost
803 Maytum Hall
(716) 673-3335

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. J. Andy Karafa, Dean

806 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173

School of Business

Dr. Kaustav Misra, Dean

808 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3505

College of Education, Health Sciences and Human Services

Dr. Janeil Rey, Dean

704 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3311

School of Music

Dr. David Stringham, Dean

1138 Mason Hall

(716) 673-3151

Retention and Academic Success

Ms. Erin Mroczka, Interim Associate Vice President 

810 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3335

Enrollment Management and Services

Vacant, Senior Associate Vice President

709 Maytum Hall
(716) 673-3251

Senior Assistant Deans

Mr. Todd Proffitt, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

805 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173