Educational Development Program

The Educational Development Program (EDP), known statewide as the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), is an academic and student support services program administered by the State University of New York. It is designed to provide college access to talented students who have not had an opportunity to realize their full academic potential. EDP serves students from diverse backgrounds with priority for admission given to the “historically disadvantaged.”

In addition to support at the undergraduate level, EDP graduates may apply for a waiver of tuition for full-time graduate study upon acceptance at any SUNY college or university.

The Educational Development Program is a comprehensive, academically oriented program offering supportive services in three areas:

  1. Academic Support
    1. First-Year Seminar course
    2. Tutorial assistance
    3. Supplemental instruction
  2. Counseling Services
    1. Academic advisement
    2. Individual and group
    3. Career
    4. Personal and social
    5. Peer advising
  3. Financial Assistance
    1. Financial aid for qualified students
    2. Financial planning

Scholarships and awards that are given to program students who excel academically and are involved in leadership and community service are include: Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, Dr. Jeffrey J. Wallace Scholarship, the Alan and Annmarie Nichter Going Above and Beyond EDP Scholarship, Arthur O. Eve Scholarship, Director's Award, Gregory Antonio Fund Award, and the Ralph Wilson, Jr. EDP Book Award.

Students interested in the program should visit the EDP home page at or email