SPST - Special Studies

SPST 101 Biology Study Skills

The course, offered by the Educational Development Program, is designed to meet the needs of program participants enrolled in BIOL 111 Foundations of Biology. Intended for students with limited biological backgrounds, it enhances the understanding of biological skills in the following areas: biological chemistry, energy, genetics, evolution, physiology, development, and ecology.



BIOL 111

SPST 107 Writing in the Arts and Sciences

Study of the writing and analysis process used for the explanatory and persuasive prose for the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The course work focuses on coherence, development, organization, and conventions of writing papers in each discipline.


SPST 114 Survey of Pre-calculus Lab

The course, offered by the Educational Development Program, is designed to meet the needs of program participants enrolled in MATH 105, Survey of Precalculus. Intended for students with a limited mathematics background, it enhances the understanding of skills necessary for success in precalculus and calculus in the following areas: algebra, solutions to equations, factoring, simplification of algebraic expressions, etc.



MATH 105

SPST 115 Pillars of College Success

Students will develop a strong grounding in and network for college success at Fredonia. With work in communication and study skills, goal setting, and time management, students gain confidence in their abilities to navigate their academic paths.


SPST 118 Survey of Calculus Laboratory

The purpose of the course is to provide students enrolled in the Educational Development Program with the opportunity to develop and improve the study skills necessary to successfully complete the required coursework for MATH 120.



MATH 120

SPST 127 Educational Development Program Freshman Orientation I

Designed to assist Educational Development Program students manage the demands of the college experience by helping them develop life management and study skills necessary to reach their academic and personal goals.


SPST 128 Writing Lab

A 1-credit interdisciplinary, supplemental instruction course designed to instruct, supplement, and assist Educational Development Program students in a variety of areas including: active reading, enhanced vocabulary, brainstorming, organization, sentence and paragraph construction, addressing a specific audience, revision, editing, and understanding the authorƒ??s responsibility in college-level discourse.


SPST 132 Topics in Contemporary Science Recitation

A 1 credit recitation course mainly to supplement PHYS 101 Topics in Contemporary Science for students from the Educational Development Program. Provides additional drill for solving simple physics problems to understand PHYS 101 topics.



PHYS 101

SPST 147 Educational Development Program Freshmen Orientation II

A continuation of SPST 127 focusing on assisting students develop the basic tools necessary to engage in self-discovery, acquaint them with career planning and exploration of major and career choices.


SPST 160 Project Success

SPST 160 is a 1 credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory course designed to provide resources, tools, and skills for students who are not in good academic standing. Class meetings will include discussions, activities, and assignments related to motivation, attitude, study aids, concentration, learning styles, and other student-success techniques.


SPST 199 Special Topics

Topics of special interest or need offered periodically and taught from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics will vary each term based on instructor.


SPST 302 Exploring Leadership and Ethics

Through this course students will gain a broad understanding of historical and current theories of leadership and management and the shift from the dominant paradigm to the emergent paradigm. Students will also explore how normative ethics affects their leadership philosophy and decision making. As a way to recognize their leadership strengths, students will participate in several instruments that will assist them in defining their leadership strength and style.



SPST 201