State University of New York Board of Trustees

Merryl H. Tisch, B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Chair New York, N.Y.
Cesar A. Perales, B.A., J.D., Vice Chair Brooklyn, N.Y.
Joseph W. Belluck, B.A., J.D. New York, N.Y.
Courtney Eagles Burke, B.S., M.P.A. Albany, N.Y.
Eric Corngold, B.A., J.D. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Marcos Crespo  Bronx, N.Y.
Robert J. Duffy, B.S., M.A. Rochester, N.Y.
Christy Fogal, B.S., M.S., Faculty Council of Community Colleges Trustee Rochester, N.Y.
James Haddon, B.A., MBA  New York, N.Y.
Jahad Hoyte, Student Trustee  Dix Hills, N.Y.
Gwen Kay, B.A., Ph.D., University Faculty Senate Trustee Syracuse, N.Y.
Eunice A. Lewin, M.A., Ed.M. Buffalo, N.Y.
Stanley S. Litow, B.A. New York, N.Y.
Richard Socarides, B.A., J.D. New York, N.Y.
Edward M. Spiro, B.A. J.D. New York, N.Y.
Cary F. Staller, B.A., J.D. Old Field, N.Y.
Camille Joseph Varlack, B.A., J.D.  Brooklyn, N.Y.


Jim Malatras, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

Tod A. Laursen, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.


General Counsel in Charge

Sandra Casey, B.A., J.D.


President of the Research Foundation for SUNY

Dr. Jeff Cheek, M.S., Ph.D.
Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges and the Education Pipeline

Johanna Duncan-Poitier, B.A., M.A.


Senior Vice Chancellor for Capital Facilities and General Manager of the Construction Fund
Robert Haelen, B.S., M.S., CPA

Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Eileen G. McLoughlin, B.S., M.B.A.

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer

Robert Menga, B.A., M.P.A.

Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity Officer

Teresa A. Miller, B.A., LL.M., J.D.

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resource Officer
Paul N. Patton, B.S., M.S.


Senior Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development/Interim President, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Jinliu "Grace" Wang, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.