POLI 100 Freshman Seminar

The Freshman Seminar in Political Science introduces students to some central aspects of thriving and surviving at Fredonia in academic and social terms and to what is going on in political science. It is an opportunity for freshmen in Political Science to get to know one another, since they will be sharing classes and learning for the next four years. It is also an opportunity for students and political science faculty to get to know one another, their interests, and fields. It is a modest effort to ensure that some fundamental ideas about learning at college are offered to students.


POLI 120 Politics in American Life

We take a critical examination of the American political system through the lens of current and topical controversies. When major issues arise, what areas of the political system become involved, and how do they respond? Who gets to shape the political response? When do social classes or groups have an impact? When are the institutions themselves reshaped by the dynamics of the controversies?


POLI 121 American Public Policy

Introduction to the political economy of policy formation. Emphasis is placed upon the questions of why government intervention in the economy is necessary and the cost-benefit evaluation of the intervention. Political failure is contrasted with market failure in evaluating government public policies. Substantive policy areas such as health care and education policies will be analyzed.



POLI 120

POLI 150 World Affairs

Studies key reasons for how and why countries behave as they do in international politics taking into account the world diversity in politics, cultures, historic trajectories and different levels of economic development. International Relations and Political Science theories and the research methods in the Social Sciences are applied to enhance the understanding of complex global issues such as human rights violations, ethnic conflict, large migration flows, environmental decay, human insecurity, and terrorism with an emphasis on world’s increasing interdependence.