CRMJ 400 Senior Seminar

A capstone course in which students will do readings, discussions, and analysis of current topics of interest in the field of criminal justice. Using primary sources, students will prepare and present in-depth examinations of specific issues. Senior standing in the major is required. This course will be taught using a blended course format. Instruction for one third of this course will be delivered online.



SOC 300 and (CRMJ 370 or CRMJ 320)

CRMJ 440 Corrections Administration

Course examines the organization and administration of correctional institutions and programs. Management concepts and elements of the administration process are presented. Attention is given to the problems of staffing and personnel management and development, implementing correctional policy and ideology, and responding to client needs during their incarceration.



CRMJ 100 and CRMJ 340

CRMJ 441 Police Administration

This course familiarizes students with the principle issues facing contemporary American police administration. Students will gain an appreciation of the complex responsibilities associated with administering a police organization in a free society.



CRMJ 100 and CRMJ 240

CRMJ 470 Criminal Justice Internship

Supervised placement in legal and/or criminal justice work setting. On a limited basis, opportunity to observe and engage in various facets of criminal justice system. Permission of department.


CRMJ 472 Independent Study

In-depth exploration of a criminal justice topic under the direction of a criminal justice department faculty member, who is willing to sponsor the student. Students should have specific topics in mind before approaching an instructor and are expected to complete a research project and present his or her findings to the professor on the agreed upon topic. Once an Independent Study has been arranged and prior to the semester beginning, the student must complete the Independent Study Contract with the sponsoring faculty member.