COMM 101 Fundamentals of Communication

The course provides a broad introduction to the field of communication focusing on both interpersonal and mediated communication. The course goal is to help one think critically about everyday interactions and to "discover" the degree in which the content and forms of communication contribute to creating meaning, and shaping personal and social realities. The process of meaning-making will be examined to help one become a more effective communicator, especially in situations where communicators experience "difference" with others within and across cultures.


COMM 102 Mass Media and Society

An introductory course dealing, humanistically, with the process and effects of mass communication. Topics include: (1) a description of the industries of mass communication based on their mutual dependence; (2) related media industries such as advertising, public relations, news services; and (3) the influence and results of mass communication studying mass media research. Consideration of the ethical standards for the media.


COMM 105 Public Speaking

Basic principles involved in public communication. Emphasis on the techniques involved in audience analysis, critical thinking and argumentation, listening, ethics, and message structure and delivery for public presentations.


COMM 111 Web Design

Five week mini-course dealing with the skills and concepts involved in creating and publishing pages on the World Wide Web. Emphasis is placed on learning Adobe Dreamweaver, one of the most commonly used HTML editors. Students will also become familiar with techniques to incorporate other media into a web page.


COMM 112 Desktop Video

Five week mini-course dealing with skills and concepts involved in preparing video for computer multimedia presentation. Digitizing, non-linear editing of video and sound, effects and transitions, incorporation of computer graphics, and computer animation.


COMM 113 Flash

Five week mini course introducing students to Adobe Flash, a vector based multimedia web design application. Students will learn to create projects for the web incorporating animated graphics, photographs, audio and video.


COMM 114 Electronic Darkroom

Five week mini-course covering the basics of computer imaging, retouching, and color painting. Emphasis is placed on learning the powerful features of Adobe Photoshop for manipulating images and ways to integrate image editing into multimedia applications.


COMM 115 Advanced Electronic Darkroom

Five week mini-course in advanced techniques for manipulating still images using Adobe Photoshop. Topics covered include using the pen tool, special effects, creative layering, masks, paths and shapes.



COMM 114

COMM 116 Desktop Publishing

Five week mini-course introducing the use of desktop computers to prepare and produce print and electronic publications such as newsletters, brochures, charts, magazines, and books. Material covered includes page design and layout, typography, integrating graphics and text software, pre-press, and professional publishing practices.


COMM 118 Desktop Audio

Learn to create and edit audio using relevant software. Students will learn the tenets of recording sound, storytelling using sound, and producing projects suitable for broadcast.


COMM 120 WCVF/WDVL/WNYF/Applied Communication Association/PRSSA Operations

Extracurricular participation in the staffing of the college's radio station, WCVF, and WDVL; television station, WNYF; or department societies.


COMM 130 Foundations in Journalism

The study of multiple forms of journalism expression with emphasis on print, radio, television and Internet news coverage. Strengths and weaknesses of each medium are examined. Multiple communication theories applicable to journalism and media convergence are emphasized.


COMM 155 Rhetoric of Vision and Sound

A foundational course for communication majors. Explores the ways the elements of production (lighting, color, framing, sound) are used in media to shape the meaning of the content and communicate ideas and emotions.


COMM 199 Communication Orientation

A course designed to introduce new majors to the department and faculty, and to suggest areas of study and activity.