BIOL 491 Senior Capstone - Research

BIOL 491-Senior Capstone Each Biology major will perform a capstone experience in their senior year. The experience can take the form of research, an internship or course, and will provide significant learning experiences in problem solving and written and oral communication. Capstone Research: The student will fulfill expectations for capstone research via two semesters of UGR (3 credits/semester) during the senior year, or a 10 week summer research position during the summer before the senior year. The faculty mentor will bear responsibility for the evaluation of the learning and inquiry experience. A formal paper will be expected. Oral presentation will occur during a capstone UGR/internship symposium. Note: Students opting for a capstone experience that does not involve significant laboratory or field work will be required to take at least one lab or field course as part of their 12 hours of upper level Biology electives.




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