Academic Organization of the Campus

Below is a listing of the Deans, Associate Provosts, and Associate Deans all reporting to the Provost. All of the undergraduate programs, graduate degree programs, and advanced certificate programs registered with the State University of New York and New York State Education Department fall under one or more of the individuals listed below.

Division of Academic Affairs


Dr. Kevin Kearns, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

801 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3335

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Dr. J. Andy Karafa, Dean

806 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173

School of Business


Dr. Linda Hall, Interim Director

E336B Thompson Hall

(716) 673-3505

College of Education


Dr. Anna Thibodeau, Interim Dean

704 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3311


School of Music

Dr. Daniel Ihasz, Interim Dean

1140 Mason Hall

(716) 673-3151


Graduate Studies, Sponsored Research, and Faculty Development


Dr. Judith Horowitz, Associate Provost

803 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3335

Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support


Dr. Carmen Rivera, Interim Associate Provost

810 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3717

Associate Deans


Dr. Justin Conroy, Interim Associate Dean (Biology, Geology/Environmental Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics)

804 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173


Ms. Samantha Kenney, Interim Associate Dean (Communication, English, Theatre & Dance, Visual Arts & New Media)

804 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173


Dr. David Kinkela, Interim Associate Dean (Communication Disorders & Sciences, History, Philosophy, Politics & International Affairs, Psychology, Sociocultural & Justice Sciences, World Languages & Cultures) 

804 Maytum Hall

(716) 673-3173