Consensual Relationships (Faculty/Staff and Students)

The University does not encourage intimate consensual relationships between faculty/staff and students, and has a policy prohibiting intimate relationships between faculty and students in their classes, and faculty/staff and students they are directly supervising. The Faculty Handbook provides guidelines regarding this type of relationship and states the following:

"It is the sense of faculty through its University Senate that intimate consensual relationships between University personnel and students create the potential for abuses of authority and for both actual and apparent conflicts of interest."

Students should be aware that if they enter into this type of relationship with University personnel, there may be consequences that impact on their educational experience. This may mean a student thus involved would be unable to take a course from this person or in any way be subject to their supervision authority.

Students with concerns in this matter are encouraged to contact the Office of Enrollment and Student Services, Sixth Floor, Maytum Hall, (716) 673-3271 or the Office of Academic Affairs, Eighth Floor, Maytum Hall, (716) 673-3335.