Universal Judicial System

The University Standards of Behavior and University Policies are intended to promote student development and ensure an atmosphere of learning necessary to the well being of all university community members on and off campus. Violation of University policy off campus may be subject to disciplinary action by the University judicial process. The Office of Enrollment and Student Services implements the standards and procedures of the Judicial Board.

Any member of the University community may bring a complaint (see Complaints section above) directly to the Office of Student Conduct. The complaint must be written and signed and dated. A review by the Office of Enrollment and Student Services will be initiated and if appropriate charges will be filed. Specific procedures will be followed if a case is referred to the Judicial Board.

If a student is charged with a violation of the rules and regulations, the following options exist: a student may choose an administrative hearing, a University judicial board hearing, or an administrative sanction hearing in which a student chooses to plead responsible to the charges and waives the right to a hearing. In such a case, the Office of Enrollment and Student Services will impose a sanction.

If a student, club, or organization fails to respond to the letter of charge(s) by the deadline by either pleading responsible or not responsible, Fredonia will assume a plea of not responsible. The case will be sent to an Administrative Hearing and the student, club, or organization will be notified of the hearing date and time at least one week in advance of the hearing. A hold will be placed on the student’s record pending the outcome of the hearing. A student hold restricts a student from registering for classes, dropping or adding classes, and obtaining an official transcript. The club or organization in question will have all privileges suspended pending the outcome of the hearing.