Policies of the Judicial Board

  1. The Judicial Board shall not discuss or review matters under consideration outside of the hearing. Failure of a Judicial Board member to uphold this provision renders such member subject to impeachment procedures by the Student Affairs Committee. Impeachment shall be by a two-thirds vote of that committee. Any violation of this section shall not affect the proceedings of the Judicial Board in a determination of the case.
  2. No member of the Judicial Board shall be either a witness before the board or a person previously engaged in formulating the charge or in presenting materials relating to the case.
  3. Judicial Board records shall be filed with the Office of Student Conduct and released only with the permission of the Judicial Board, the Director of Student Conduct or the alleged violator. Records shall be kept for seven years.
  4. The Judicial Board may adopt bylaws not inconsistent with these rules and regulation upon the affirmative vote of not less than five members.
  5. The Judicial Board pool shall be composed of at least twelve members. Approximately six students and six faculty/staff members are appointed for term of one year. Members are appointed by the University President.
  6. In order to be eligible, a student must have attained sophomore status (24 credit hours). All members of the Judicial Board must have been a member of the University community for at least one semester before taking office. No student may serve if he or she is on probation at the time of the appointment. No member of the Judicial Board may be a voting member of the Student Association, University Senate, or the Student Affairs Committee.