WGST 200 CMA Service Learning

This one-credit service learning course allows students who are on the executive board of one of the Center for Multicultural Affairs student groups to further their knowledge about the relationship between the student group and the academic pursuits of ETHN minors and WGST majors and minors.


WGST 201 Topics in Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary study of the social construction of gender and its relationship to class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality and sexual identity. Analysis of the causes and implications for the changing definition of women in the contemporary world, especially in the United States.


WGST 202 Foundations of Social Justice

This course introduces students to foundational concepts in the study and practice of social justice in American society, historically and at present, and in comparative global perspective. The course can include social justice topics as related to: racism; classism; religious oppression; sexism; heterosexism; transgender oppression; ableism; ageism; and environmentalism. The course will also engage students in the process of putting thought into practice by introducing various research methodologies such as quantitative, qualitative, and cultural studies approaches. Students will explore the course concepts, coupled with research methodologies, to identify and analyze social problems and to use information to formulate and engage in problem-solving strategies for social change.


WGST 203 Chicana Writers/Visual Artists

Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe? When was the Mexican Revolution? What is a "Zootsuit"? Students will explore these questions and more in the interdisciplinary course taught in English. In the class, students will become familiar with Chicana Mexican American history and culture through installation art, mural art, altar designs, and paintings by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Judy Baca, Amalia Mesa-Bains, and Yolanda Lopez among others. Students will also discuss issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality through texts by Chicana writers Gloria Anzaldua, Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, and Demetria Martinez.


WGST 205 Women in Art

A thematic and topical course exploring women's roles as both productive subjects and depicted objects in western visual culture. Cross-listed as ARTH 205.



ART 115 or ARTH 101 or ART 116 or ARTH 102 or WOST 201

WGST 210 LGBTQ Literature & American History

This course will take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of LGBTQ American identities, combining historical and literary analysis and methodologies. We will examine major events, developments, themes, and concepts within LGBTQ American history from the nineteenth-century to the present. Sexual orientation and gender identity will also be examined in relation to other marginalized identity positions and systems of privilege and oppression.


WGST 255 Psychology of Women

An examination of the biological, psychological and sociological factors that shape women's lives. Attention to the intersection of gender with ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social class. Specific topics include theories of gender development, images of women in the media, work, childbirth and motherhood, violence, physical and mental health. Cross-listed as PSY 255.



PSY 129 or WOST 201 or WGST 201

WGST 301 Theories of Gender

A multidisciplinary approach grounded in the humanities and arts will be employed to account for the social, economic, political, historical and cultural ways that gender is constructed and represented in contemporary societies.



ENGL 345 or WGST 201

WGST 302 Sex and Gender

Description and analysis of sex and gender roles and relationships from a variety of societies at different levels of socio-cultural complexity. Cross-listed as ANTH 300/SOC 306.



SOC 116 or ANTH 115

WGST 304 Latina Literary and Cultural Studies

An examination of contemporary Latina literary productions in the context of representations of Latinas in mainstream U.S. society. The focus of the course is on women of Hispanic descent living and writing in the United States, including work by and about Chicanas, Puerto Ricans, Dominican Americans, and Cuban Americans. Previous course work in Latina/Latino literature not required, but some previous course work related to African American or other ethnic literature, women's literature/feminism, and/or film studies is strongly recommended. Cross-listed as ENGL 304/INDS 304.


WGST 314 Women Writers

An in-depth study of novels written by women. The course explores questions regarding gender, language, perception, and experience through the genre of the novel. Cross-listed as ENGL 314.


WGST 335 American Women

A survey of women's history from colonial times to present with emphasis on the changing status and definition of women's roles, race and ethnicity, and women's writings. Cross-listed as HIST 355.



HIST 106 or HIST 133 or WGST 201 or WOST 201

WGST 336 African American Women's History

Explores the history of women of African descent in the Americas, with a particular focus on the United States. Covers black women's experience from their African origins, through the Middle Passsage, in enslavement, and in freedom. Issues addressed include labor, the black family, cultural expression, and radical identity (in comparative perspective). Cross-listed as HIST 336.



HIST 333 or HIST 334 or ENGL 240 or ENGL 340

WGST 340 Black Women Writers

Study of the literature written by and often about black women, including poetry, short and long fictions, novels, drama, biography, and autobiography from the 18th century to the present. Cross-listed as ENGL 340.


WGST 345 Women, Health and Society

Examines ways in which health and illness for women are defined and managed. Topics include the medicalization of pregnancy and birth, adolescence and sexuality, addiction, mental health, menopause, body image, and, women as health care providers. Cross-listed as SOC 345.



SOC 116

WGST 359 Ethnicity and Race

Interdisciplinary approach to race and ethnicity in the United States and other contemporary multiethnic/multiracial societies. Because thee courses are equivalents, students who have earned credit for HIST/INDS/WOST 220 are not able to earn credit for this course.


WGST 373 Gender and Communication

Using a variety of theoretical models and critical approaches, students examine everyday communication practices to identify how gender, communication, and culture create a complex and dynamic web of meaning with significant implications for individuals and society. Cross-listed as COMM 373.



COMM 101 or WOST 201 or WGST 201

WGST 377 Special Topics

Variable content course. Topics announced in the online Course Offerings when offered.


WGST 386 Women in Global Cinema

A study of films by and about women in global cinema. The course focuses on women filmmakers primarily, and their uses of documentary, experimental, and/or narrative forms.


WGST 401 Gender and Social Change

Directed study of student’s own area of interest within gender studies, serving as a capstone to the interdisciplinary experience of the Women’s & Gender Studies Program. The capstone may be a final project, undergraduate thesis, or community-based internship. For Women's & Gender Studies majors and minors only. Includes a required weekly meeting time with all WGST 401 enrollees.


WGST 405 French Women Writers

An evaluation of the contributions of French women writers to the social, economic, and political institutions which form the basis of Western philosophical tradition.


WGST 406 Women in French Literature

An examination of how texts about women written by Francophone males have through history described women, defined their lives and destinies in keeping with the needs and requirements of these writers.


WGST 430 Independent Study

For non-Women's Studies minors only. Independent Study of an issue using gender as a primary category of analysis. Students must find an instructor willing to supervise the project - all disciplines are appropriate. Students must develop a proposal, obtain necessary approval of instructor and obtain final approval from the Women's Studies director.


WGST 450 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies

Participation in on-campus or off-campus professional and subject related experience. Requires learning contract proposal prepared in consultation with direct supervisor and faculty sponsor, describing the experience, learning goals, and method of evaluation. Approval of Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator required in advance.


WGST 490 Portfolio Completion

Required for all Women's Studies majors. Involves compilation of papers from courses in the Women's Studies core, reflecting engagement with the goals of the major. Must be taken concurrently with WGST Gender and Social Change.


WGST 491 Social Change Capstone

Capstone seminar in which students will investigate current and contemporary issues in the field of Ethnic and Gender Studies, engage in activism on campus, and complete a research-based paper or project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students will also compile an e-portfolio that reflects upon their experiences as Ethnic and Gender Studies students and for use in future professional development.


WGST 2SA 200 Level Study Abroad Elective

A course taken during a study abroad experience that does not have a direct equivalency to a Fredonia course.