PSY 100 Freshman Seminar

New Psychology majors will learn about the department and what it has to offer. Career options will be explored and students will be introduced to the faculty. Students also will be made aware of campus resources and taught appropriate study skills.


PSY 129 Foundations of Psychology

Basic concepts, methods, and points of view in psychology. Specific topics span the range from biological to personal to social determinants of behavior.


PSY 130 Psychology Laboratory

A series of computer-based laboratories to give the student hands on experience with a variety of phenomena in psychology. After the computer exercise, students discuss findings, implications, and applications in small groups. Attendance is required. PSY 129 must be taken at the same time, or must have been successfully completed in a previous semester. The course is considered part of the department’s first year experience, therefore, it is taken by all majors who enter the program with under 30 hours of undergraduate coursework completed.



PSY 129*

Cross Listed Courses

* Indicates that the course can be taken in the same semester