MUED 302 General Music in Secondary School

Study curriculum development, instructional planning, and research-validated instructional strategies for teaching students in general music activities and programs in middle school through high school. Design and practice offering differentiated instruction that enhances the music learning of all students. Initiate and practice applying knowledge of human and musical developmental processes and variations to create a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters the health and learning of all students, and the development of a sense of community and respect for one another. Practice applying knowledge of learning processes, motivation, communication, and classroom management to stimulate and sustain student interest, cooperation, and achievement to each student’s highest level of learning in preparation for productive work, citizenship in a democracy, and continuing growth. Develop skills to provide instruction that will promote the participation and progress of students with disabilities. Develop skill in using technology and teaching students to use technology to acquire information, communicate, and enhance learning. Increase skill assessing student learning, analyzing one’s own teaching practice, using information gathered through assessment and analysis to plan or modify instruction, and using various resources to enhance teaching. Investigate means to update knowledge and skills in music and in pedagogy. Intern teaching with students in middle school or high school. Professional Standing required.




MUED 356


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