EDU 568 Foundations of Bilingual Education

This course provides the basic theories, issues, and concepts related to teaching in culturally diverse classrooms where students’ first language is not English. Focuses on U.S. bilingual education in terms of historical, theoretical, and practice/methods used in schools. This course explores bilingual education from the 1960s to the present, Federal legislation (Title VII, Title III), the No Child Left Behind Act, Supreme and lower court decisions, state legislation, Bilingual Special Education, and other legal aspects. Emphasis is placed on the design and effectiveness of a variety of bilingual education program models such as one-way and two-way immersion, indigenous language immersion, and other program models of bilingual education. Participants apply knowledge of the relevant federal and state standards documents pertaining to the education of culturally and linguistically diverse populations such as the NYS Bilingual Common Core Standards, and conduct independent field and library research.




Every other year