CSIT 100 Freshman Seminar

Introduction to computing environments available on campus; e-mail, Internet access and web; campus computing policies; computing and information technology ethics; other campus resources and their effective use; building a support network with faculty, staff and peers; improving study skills inside and outside the classroom. Corequisite: Freshman standing.


CSIT 101 Programming with 3-D Graphics and Multimedia

Introductory programming course using a high-level, object -oriented language, such as ALICE. The course covers object-oriented and event driven programming concepts, in addition to algorithms and elementary programming techniques that are needed to develop elementary graphics and multimedia applications. Prerequisite: N.Y.S. Algebra II and Trigonometry (or Math B), or equivalent.


CSIT 104 Introduction to Microcomputer Software

Introduction to microcomputers; elementary concepts and operations of spreadsheets and database management systems; analysis of a variety of problems, their design, and implementation of solutions using commercially available window-based software. Three units of high school mathematics required.


CSIT 105 Visual BASIC I

This is a Fredonia Foundations lab-based course that fulfills 3-credit hour mathematics and quantitative reasoning requirement. This is an introductory course in high level programming language, Visual Basic (VB), which introduces elementary ideas of object-oriented and event-driven programming, concepts using VB.


CSIT 106 Scientific Programming Using C/C++

Scientific problem solving; structured program development: simple algorithm design, arithmetic operations, data types and their declarations; control statements, loops, input and output including text files; arrays, functions, mathematical functions and round off error estimation. Applications to engineering, sciences and mathematics. Credit will not be given for both CSIT 106 and 121. Background assumed: N.Y.S. Algebra II and Trigonometry (or Math B), or equivalent.



MATH 120 or MATH 122

CSIT 107 Web Programming I

An introductory course in client-side web technologies: HTML, cascading style sheets and JavaScript; designing and publishing a web site. Other topics include history of the Internet and World Wide Web, HTML editors, and graphics.


CSIT 120 Computer Science Overview

A comprehensive overview of the scope and dynamics of computer science. Survey of the field of computer science. Topics include: history of computing, computer organization and components, operating systems, programming languages, introduction to programming and program development, data structures, problem solving, software engineering, computer ethics, and computer applications. Background assumed: N.Y.S. Algebra II and Trigonometry (or Math B), or equivalent.


CSIT 121 Computer Science I

Hands-on exposure to the following major topics: Problem solving, algorithm design and development, structure of the program, top-down design and functional decomposition, debugging, elementary data types, expressions, I/O functions and formats, repetition and control structures, user-defined functions, pass by value, pass by reference, built-in functions, arrays, strings.


CSIT 151 Introduction to Information Systems

The course introduces information technology used in day-to-day business operations. It covers business applications software for office management, communication, project management, relational databases, eCommerce, web development, data transmission and networks, etc. The course also covers such basic information systems concepts as querying simple databases, data analysis and database design. Laboratory instruction is used to complement the course with hands-on experience with a set of above applications. The course is designed for students who will work as end-users, user-managers, leaders, or information systems professionals.