BUAD 200 Fundamentals of Statistics for Business and Economics

An introductory study of statistical methods as applied to business and economic problems. Topics covered include: frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, probability, probability distributions, sampling distributions, estimation, and statistical inference. Note: Credit for at most one of the following courses may be applied towards a student's requirements for graduation: BUAD 200, ECON 200, EDU 200, POLI 200, SOC 200, and STAT 200.


BUAD 235 Introduction to Business Communication

The highly practical course focuses on the critical communication skills involved in effective written and oral communication while emphasizing applications of communication concepts in the world of business. Students will be able to engage in application exercises, build their exploratory skills, and confront problems of diversity. The course is cross listed with COMM 235.



ENGL 100 or Waiver - SUNY Basic Comm of an or better