Disability Support Services: Policies and Procedures

It is university policy that students with disabilities fulfill the same degree and program requirements as all students, and that reasonable accommodations may be used to assist students with disabilities in attaining those requirements. In addition, the university may offer non-accommodative services such as tutoring and counseling. Reasonable accommodations and other services are determined on a case-by-case, course-by-course, and semester-by-semester basis.

It is the responsibility of students with disabilities to identify themselves by notifying the Coordinator of Disability Support Services. The student and coordinator will meet and discuss the student’s needs, on the basis of the clinical diagnosis that has established the existence of the disability, and will decide on the kinds of assistance and/or reasonable accommodations the student will need to gain equal access to the university's programs, activities and services. It is advised that students self-identify upon admittance to the university in order to provide a seamless transition. Early self-identification can facilitate reasonable accommodations and other services that may be delayed by the process of obtaining appropriate documentation with later self-identification. To receive such services, the student must meet with the Coordinator of the DSS office and fill out an intake form. The Coordinator and the student will then meet and assess which services will be available to the student. It is important to note that Fredonia does not have a shuttle service between classes, nor does the campus provide transportation expenses to allow students to get to class.

With the student’s written request, the coordinator will inform the relevant professor(s) or office(s) of the student’s accommodation needs for the particular class or service the accommodation is needed. The coordinator will be confirming the existence of a disability and the need for the accommodations requested. The student must then identify him/herself to the professor or office providing the accommodation, and where necessary, discuss the accommodations or alternative accommodations. In the event of a disagreement between the student and the professor or office about the need for the requested accommodation, the Coordinator of Disability Support Services will serve as mediator.

Fredonia is prepared to respond to the individual needs of students with disabilities. For specific information about services and facilities for students with disabilities, students should contact Jennifer Ruhland, Coordinator of Disability Support Services, Reed Library (fourth floor), by telephone at (716) 673-3270, or by email at disability.services@fredonia.edu.