SOC 400 Senior Seminar

A capstone course required for senior sociology majors designed to provide the opportunity to engage in an intensive examination of a topic of broad and enduring social and sociological significance. The topic will be of sufficient breadth to raise theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues, some of which may have been already encountered in other courses. The seminar format and the senior status of its members will provide a context in which these issues can be examined in greater depth and integrated into a more developed and coherent sociological perspective through extensive reading and writing. The seminar format also demands that students assume greater responsibilities for their own learning and that of their fellow members.



SOC 116 and SOC 300 and SOC 380

SOC 415 Seminar in Public Health

In-depth exploration of selected topics in public health, with special emphasis on epidemiological investigations and applications. Major focus varies from semester to semester depending on interests of students and instructor. The general goal of the course is to help students (a) further develop their skills in epidemiology, the science of public health; and (b) integrate course topics and themes from disciplines comprising the Public Health minor, so that they can use this knowledge to explore jobs, careers and graduate education in public health. Students must have completed 15 hours of course work in the Public Health minor, including Introduction to Public Health. Permission of instructor required.



SOC 215

SOC 470 Directed Study

One to 3 credit hours of credit for individualized study under guidance of a member of the faculty. Permission of instructor.


SOC 472 Sociology Internship

Supervised placement with a public or private organization. A limited number of opportunities to observe and participate in sociology-related endeavors in the workplace. Permission of department.



SOC 116