MUTY 605 Foundations of Advanced Music Therapy II

The goals of this seminar are to provide an introduction to the concepts of theory building and philosophical inquiry in music therapy and qualitative research, to exchange ideas in a collaborative process and develop a personal theory and philosophy of music in/as therapy. Students will become familiar with the nature and process of philosophical inquiry and qualitative research, explore the concept of "meaning" in music, therapy and music therapy, and become familiar with existing literature in music therapy philosophical, theoretical and qualitative research.


MUTY 620 Vocal Psychotherapy Practice

Students will be trained in vocal psychotherapy, a model of in-depth (reconstructive) music therapy that utilizes sounds, vocal improvisation, songs and dialogue within a therapeutic relationship to promote intrapsychic and interpersonal change. Students will have opportunities to observe, participate in and conduct voice-centered therapeutic experiences and interventions. They will also become experienced in transitioning between musical interventions and verbal interventions. The course format includes lecture, review of assigned readings, demonstration, peer teaching and participation in individual and group vocal psychotherapy exercises and experiences.


MUTY 630 Clinical Music and Imagery

Music and Imagery is an advanced technique of music therapy as outlined in the AMTA scope of practice standards and the AMTA Advanced Competencies in the areas of Professional Growth and Development, Clinical Administration, Advanced Clinical Skills, Personal Growth and Development, and Musical and Artistic Development. It also addresses the New York State License in Creative Arts Therapy curriculum in the areas of preparation in music therapy for the practice of creative arts therapy; theories in creative arts therapy; assessment and appraisal of individuals; and clinical instruction. This course emphasizes the use of verally guided meditation and non-directional music.


MUTY 650 Advanced Practicum in Music Therapy

This course accompanies Clinical Courses: Clinical Piano Improvisation, Vocal Psychotherapy and Guided Imagery & Music. Clinical sites may be at the students' place of employment or at university created placements. Supervision is provided by Board Certified Music Therapists & Licensed Creative Arts Therapists who are university affiliated supervisors. This course may be repeated. A minimum of 500 hours of Advanced Practicum is required for students entering the program as Board-Certified Music Therapists.



MUTY 518 and MUTY 520 and MUTY 530