ESCI 100 Environmental Sciences First-Year Seminar

The course is designed for Freshman Environmental Sciences majors to assist them in their transition into a college environment, to introduce them more specifically to the Environmental Sciences program, to help them acquire the skills necessary to be successful in a science major, and as a first introduction into some of the most pressing contemporary environmental issues. Students will be introduced to the Environmental Sciences faculty, as well as other Environmental Sciences majors, with discussions focused upon campus resources, study skills and current environmental issues.


ESCI 105 Global Environmental Issues

The course's objective is to increase student awareness of the environmental issues that affect different parts of the world and the planet as a whole. The course will explore the historical roots of the problems and how different societies deal with environmental degradation. Topics will include overpopulation, food production, water scarcity, pollution and global climate change, among others. The format of the course invites participation, discussion and critical thinking.